Roger Allen -- CEO, Founder
Mr. Allen has been involved in electronics design from the semiconductor level since 1985. He has worked for, and consulted with, companies the likes of Intel, AMD, Texas Instruments, ZILOG, SMC, Cypress, National Semi, TRW/LSI, Scenix/Ubicom, PMC-Sierra and many others. His knowledge of the industry, it's needs and requirments make him uniquely qualified to assist in the US Dept. of Defense CoTS (Commercial off-the shelf) program as well as extending that experience to commercial sub-contractors of Mil-Spec hardware and design methodologies.

His expertise has been noted in industry publications,and media interviews and he has participated in hundreds of patent applications and awards. He has had critical aclaim in many submissions and articles in the EDA industry.
Pam Prierce -- CFO, Director
Ms. Pierce brings over 20 years of experience from the finance industry, as well as being a member of the board of directors on several electronic and high-technology startup companies. She brings a well-rounded work experience that helps SemiResources and it's customers manage their financial needs, concerns and day-to-day operations.